Hello Superior Avenue family! Greetings from Providence, Rhode Island! To say that I have thought about you all often in the past month that I have been in Rhode Island would be an understatement. I find such joy in sharing about my church family back home and the love that you have all lavished on me for the past 3 years.

I would like to apologize for my lack of communication for the past month.  Since arriving in Providence, I have lived out of a suitcase, staying with host families, but I can officially say that I am settled into an apartment as of this past weekend. Hopefully I will be able to truly begin the ministry the Lord has led me to, as well as, keep everyone updated at home.

School is officially back in session as of September 10th, and so students have reappeared in Providence, officially kicking off my role as Assistant Campus Minister. Although, I have not been able to be on campuses until a week ago, I have been able to spend my time mentally and spiritually preparing for this transition in my life. I have been able to spend quality time getting to know members of the church plant, Grace Harbor, that I am now attending on Sundays. I have also been able to spend some time exploring the city and making connections with individuals who I would never encounter on a college campus.

One individual in particular who has been on my heart and in my prayers is an eighty-seven year old man named Mr. Sonny. I struck up a conversation with him in a Starbucks and was able to share the Gospel with him after he shared his life story full of hopelessness. He told me that God knew that he had done a lot of good things when he was younger, but I was able to share with him that it is by grace through faith that we are saved, and not by works. We talked for a long time and he invited me to join him for coffee anytime I pleased. I have not been able to yet, but hope to meet and talk with him again in the very near future. It's people like Mr. Sonny, who reflect the vast darkness in this area. After speaking with Mr. Sonny, I spent a lot of time in prayer and tears, broken hearted for this area, feeling incredibly challenged and undeserving of my task to share the message of Jesus.

The very day that I shared with Mr. Sonny and was feeling overwhelmed was the very day I received some cards from some of my family at Superior Avenue.  Those cards completely made my day! I cannot tell you how much the cards, phone calls, and text messages have meant to me this past month and I can assure you all that they always come at the perfect time. Thank you all for your love and support, in prayer and financially. I think about the Superior kiddos everyday and have filled my room with their pictures. I miss everyone a lot and hope that everyone is doing well