Our Vision

We desire to be a movement of God that impacts Bogalusa and the World for Jesus.

Our Mission

Loving God: We desire to be a community of faith that lives out the Great Commandment which says that we are to love God with all our our heart, soul, and mind. We show our love for God by growing in our faith, obeying the Bible, and worshiping God through the way that we live our lives.

Connecting People: At the core of our church culture is warmth, friendliness, love, kindness, and joy. We desire to connect people to our church culture through involvement in Worship, Sunday School, and Discipleship.

Serving Others: We desire to be a people that serves God through the various ministries in the church. We believe that every member should be involved in at least one ministry. We also serve through sharing with others what Jesus has done in our lives.